Equality for all

Hello Beautiful people,

This topics about equality. we heard a lot about this in work place, daily life and in any aspects. Is equality still exist? I bet not really. 😔

Work place ; it happened all the times, no matter you like it or not! there’s a lot of unfair things happened. every department have their own problems, they are greedy looking for benefits and backup. you need to be close with top management and licking their ass then you can get all the benefit. it’s really not fair for other staff who work hard for their rights but never get any appreciation and never been treat equally.

So, whats the point to work hard like a shitty but never being appreciate??

it just dig a deep hole in Sahara but couldn’t find the water.

people showing their fake face when in front of you, pretend to be care, smile and treat like you are important, but can you imagine when they stab your back? my aunt told me

“beware with person who nice in front of you, but stab you at the back”  That kind of people typically everywhere.

this kind of inhuman not deserves our work hard at all!!, they want us to be their dogs and listened to what owner said. I understand this work life, but it getting even worst. The dummy with sweet mouth and charming style will stay and the serious work hard need to go. Some of management will look down on the skin colour and race.

In daily life ; everywhere in public place, there still some people never treat other people equally based on their skin colour, background and race. Hello 📞we live in the same world none of us come from other planet?? we were born in the same world in this earth and we will die too in this earth together, nothing to take when we born and die.

Equality is stand for all human rights without discrimination no matter where it is. just treat all equally we work because we need money for our future not for shitty shaking booty and money coming.

Have a nice day fellas and stay blessed 🙏

feel free to leave a message ☺️


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