Fall in benefit ❤️ or fake love

hello beautiful people,

its me again Shen, today post would be fall in love because of the benefit.

The last time I fell in love was with a man who only rolled my life without notice morning and night.

Living in island life could be so boring, within 6 months I met a lot of people from any departments its been so nice though. and the most terrifying person I met is the Owner representative of the island. he is kinda old guy (44 yrs old maybe ??) and he always come to the island for inspection because you know he is owner representative, so that’s his job.

the things he keep looking for me this few days, not few days actually its been 1 month. and he keep offering me some good benefits even he didn’t say “do you want to be my girlfriend or my wife?” I would say Hell No if he asks so.

but we did have a chit-chat, watching some movies. plus for him is , he is so clean and tidy. I would like to have relationship in this island with only the person that I comfortable with, enjoy and happy. not because of the benefit, no one know is it true benefit or just his proud mouth.

He is too proud of himself and he is quite cocky and arrogant person, he can kick anyone out of the island “that’s what he told me.

love isn’t required to have sex, but I’ve found it difficult sometimes to enjoy sleeping in a lonely bed. 

time flying so fast, and he try to approaching me again. He getting more aggressive, he said that he like me now and he love me. Anyway I don’t believe what he said bullshit, what kind of love is it ??? “sex love?? understandable if he say that” , just saying “lets have a sex instead I love you” but, that’s the nice way to tell of course. I couldn’t agree and say yes easily, i said “to like someone it takes time” then he asked me “when will you able to give the answer? I said “takes time and slowly to know each other is better”

He said “I can give anything for you, never the less” Shit, I don’t need that words, just to the point. I would not mine if you honest, still i will say “No, thank you” not interested at all with what you offering to me.8106925840_d77b6bed7d_z

I don’t need to be in love to have a good benefit and sex, but being truthful with myself way more important. Sometimes, that includes letting myself feel something rather than shutting down.

hope you guys enjoy with my post.

have a lovely day people 😘❤️

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