Roomate a.k.a roomie

holla beautiful people,

this topics I will talk about what it feels having a roomie, I know its universal now very common to discuss about. i just want to share my own story about having a roomie.

I’m living in the Maldives and stay in the resorts with 4 shared room, but only 3 of us living in the same room. luckily 1 of my roomie away from room and stay with her girlfriend (gay) then left me and “D” who work in spa as spa therapist.

I’m the person who a bit quiet not really talk much, but of course im not introvert I still like to socialize with people and i still like to make a lot of friends no exception.studentssocializing

the things I don’t like from her is , sometimes she is kind of busy body person would dare to say “NO” to you in relationship. Exm; one day i have closed with someone who is already married, and she found out then she said to me “dont you dare make a relationship with someone who is already married, I dont like it at all. if once again it happened i will not to become your friends anymore” OMG, what a childish mindset.

I know it’s not good to break other people family, but this is island life everything possibly happened and im not the person who will break other people family as 3rd person. since im the person who is concerned with friendship so i listened to her, even she is not my sister or mother 😂

do you know guys⁉️ in fact in 2 months later , she is the one who having relationship with married guy and so romantic. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?  🤔 what I think is;

“don’t try to advice someone, but yourself do the same things”

she is the happiest now and the noisiest in front of my room, haha – hihi and talking so loud 😼 not even care people surronded or others rooms might be disturbing by her voice 😒.. if i can record her sound then i will post it here too .. Oh Gosh, why don’t they just move to other parts of the building and do whatever they want. we have a place for couple to spend times there, no one will care even.

since she done something that she mentioned not allowed, then she can’t busy body about other people life’s now. 

nobody in this world is perfect, everybody make a mistake. don’t try to give a warn if you do the same 

and there’s a positive things I like from her, she care to me when im sick, since you guys know we all having roomie mean we are abroad no family will take care of you. so she take care of me when im sick and i will do the same as well or maybe full day been taking care by her boyfriends 😁

yeah, so that’s all about having a roomie from my version. mean there’s is good and bad as well. so just live it 😂 

hope you guys enjoy read my post and have a lovely day fellas 😘✌️

2 thoughts on “Roomate a.k.a roomie

  1. knowwithkajal says:

    I can completely understand, the same story was with my roommate too. At first its good, fun, like you have the perfect friend,sister, roommate you can ever get but the slowly as come to know the person, it gets little disturbing but you have to adjust yourself and let her do what she wants to. Maybe you can interrupt when she is really going into danger zone.


    • Shen says:

      Yeahh, but it’s annoying when she try to control you and busy body about our life. As long as we didn’t do anything bad,
      Still as roommate if anything bad happens just help each other.

      Liked by 1 person

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