Island Life in the Maldives

Hola lovely people,

its me again Shen,

I told you in previous post that I live in the Maldives and work, so maybe some of you guys wants to know how it fell live in the resorts island.

Okay, so let me tell you in details what I’ve been doing in the past 5 months 😁 maybe you guys interested and plan to come for vacation or work. Anyways jobs offer always available in the Maldives for expat 💰

I’m Indonesian, most likely people will thinking Indonesian come maybe as spa therapist in the resorts. But, I come as kids club attendant and why I ended up in the Maldives?

because at first I came to the Maldives before for vacation for 6 days in maafushi island and i stayed in Crystal sands hotel that’s the link if you interested to find out.

Since then im interested to work in the Maldives and I applied any jobs opportunities thru online in wherever resorts. Finally I got some email come in and it was an offer letter from some resorts in the Maldives, you cant be so greedy right 😜 so I choose . This resorts 5* luxury property and some of the celebrites will choose here to spend their vacation.

My daily life in the resorts; ⏬

  • im working 6 days per week 9 hours per day.
  • when my off day, I will just sleep, watching a movies in laptop or TV, go to the beach and do some water sport activities (paid) 
  • I can go for my public holidays back home for 2 weeks or more if the occupancy low.
  • if occupancy low, I will try to go to Male which is capital island in the Maldives and do small shopping and stay in the budget hotel for at least 3 days and then back to the resorts by seaplane (there’s no shopping mall in the Maldives only shop and market)

So I think that’s what im doing within 5 months and i got 30 days annual leave (paid) and 15 days public holidays.

I came here alone, I know no one but, you can make a friends when you get here. But still sometimes I feel so boring and i miss my family, the food, city life and my schoolmate friends. Good things are i can go back 3x in a year 👏😁 and it good money as well here USD💲

If you like island life, here in the Maldives suits you or in other island like Caribbean. It’s good to live in nature and feel the sun kiss our skin everyday (sudden days it will come rain, could be a week raining sometimes)


Hmm, I think that’s it from my story about island life. if you interested just come here, I’ll be ready and welcoming you guys 🤗🌊

thank you for giving your time to read my post 💋

God bless and have a lovely day Fellas

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