Sucks Co-worker


hello handsome and pretty people,

welcome back to my page again 🙌

This time I will talk about sucks colleagues or sucks co-workers. Nowadays we working with very DRAMATIC people in everywhere and we will see their annoying face everyday (which is makes me want to shit on their face) just joking 😂.

But, at first please don’t mind the way I type my blog, because my english not that perfect guys 😁

Okay, lets start. Btw, im working in kids club which is under “SC company in UK” as kids club attendant (5* resorts ) in the Maldives and its been 5 months now. I like the environment, I like some people here and i like my job actually (good pay 💰) It is because too busy, so from our company they hired 3 seasonal helpers who only came for 5 months when our resorts in high occupancy. But they not as nice as we (5 left in kids club Me, A, R & K ) and 1 selfish N she is future manager) ➡️ we are permanent staff thought.

let me describe how these 3 ladies are (by initial) ;

  1. E , she is 40 yrs old lady and from hungary but live in UK. So we thought maybe she will be a good wise lady. but she is too bosy, sometimes she can be nice when she’s alone, hmm… maybe once or twice a month. I feel pity for her sometimes because She seems like unwanted by my stupid lazy manager.

  2. C, she is 27 yrs old lady from UK and she came as manager in seasonal helper way for 5 months of course. and this luxury travel company from UK called “SC” no any idea and think they are might not that smart to sent someone from UK as manager. She is the dumbest, the clumsy, the laziest and alcoholic. never do the jobs properly.

  3. H, she is 24 yrs old lady from Scotland but live in australia. she is the most childish and no manner b*tch ever. She think she can be funny, but she’s totally annoying all of us and she is rude AF.

yeah, so there’s 3 of them the seasonal helpers.

So, can you imagine working with someone who annoying you so much everyday?? 😤 and need to say Hi & good morning everyday to those annoying faces. and can you imagine when we have around 120 kids in the island that we need to care of but need to face this shit reality with unwanted people.

I know any jobs its same, I guess you (reader) have the same problem like mine or maybe not.

anyway, thank you fellas for giving your time to read it.

have a lovely day and stand for ourselves.

God bless you 🙏😘

#coworker #colleagues #sucks #story

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