Paradise in Krabi

Paradise in krabi, unforgettable trip.

Hello fellas,

It’s me again Shen.

Is there anyone heard about Krabi?

I still found there’s some people don’t know what krabi is, Krabi on southern Thailand’s west coast, is a province characterised by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than a hundred offshore islands.

I’ve been to krabi on 28th September – 2nd October. Humid weather in krabi, sometimes raining even the sun so burning.

We stayed at Apple a Day resorts, i love their red pool 💕 located in Aonang walked about 5 mints opposite you can find a beach 🏖.

Aonang is very happening place, you can find a lot of restaurants, bar, market, massage etc.

When arrived at 5.30pm we heading to the hotel for check in, I made a reserved airport pick up from hotel it just cost me 600baht it takes about 45 mints from Krabi International Airport to Aonang.

Checked-in done, we went out for dinner.

The first things cross my mind is seafood!!! Seafood in Krabi are so fresh, yummy and cheap. You must try!!!

We just walking out the street,, a lot of things to choose, a lot of restaurants and bar with good environment.

Finally we decided to have a dinner at the Blue Orchid restaurant, they serves a very fresh seafood and you can choose too they are still alive.

We are super hungry, so we ordered some dishes ;

Black paper crab

That’s my favourite, spicy and fresh!

Seafood spicy salad

The best salad I ever had 💕 sour, spicy and sweet.

Water spinach

Yaa,, just like a normal sautéed 😁

Steamed fish with ginger and mushroom

This is so yummy!!! 😘

All of that costs us about 1100baht

We just drink mineral water 💦 😊

All the foods above highly recommended and the restaurant too. But you guys can choose other menu as well, there’s a lot of menu’s to choose.

Done eating, we go back to the hotel and rest.

So, Day 2.

I booked from klook application for 1 day Tour to 4 island and included lunch with Long tail boat so, we can really feel their traditional boat and also it cheaper (worth every penny’s) $14 per person and extra National Park fees 400baht (400baht pay directly to the property).

1. Phra Nang Cave island

Isn’t it pretty???


2. Koh Tup or Koh Mur

It’s like heaven for me 💕

3. Chicken island

At chicken island we just taking a photo and snorkelling.

The water is not really clear like other islands.

4. Poda island

Here is the last island, the place we had lunch as well.

The lunch just common, curry chicken and sautéed vegetables. But the curry are very nice!!

All the islands we visited really worth every penny’s.

Day 3 fellas,

Morning time after breakfast at the hotel, we took Tuk-Tuk 500baht for go around Aonang.

The Tuk-Tuk driver is so friendly he introduced us and explain to us along the way. So he stop us at Nosey’s Parker Elephants camp. We are not decided to trek with the elephants, so we just feed them and take a photos 😊 ( I feel pity to trek Them)

I met this sweety, she’s the oldest elephants I met because she just turn to 60 years old.

Sorry I covered my face with the sticker, because it looks like a meme.

Okay, after from elephants camp.

We rent a car and driver from hotel then went to Tiger Cave Temple and Night market which is located more further from Aonang, is it exact in Krabi district.

On 3rd day the weather are not really friendly keep raining ☔ but not so bad.

1. Tiger Cave temple / Wat Tham Sua

At first I thought the driver will drive up the hill and then we get down to climb few stairs.

But it was not what I thought!!! 😲

After reached The temple we walking in and we found the stairs to go up for Buddha Temple.

I shook that we need to climb about 1,260 step of stairs 😵😰

It really makes me so exhausted along climbing the stairs and I finished 4 water bottles. All my clothes are wet like I’m in shower, some more the stairs are not balance and raining too. Got a lot of monkeys too 🐒

Ps. Don’t bring any water like in colour and have a taste, because they can steal it except mineral water.

I met them along the way go up, we supporting each other 💪

Video Player


And finally I made it to the top!! 😊🙏🙌

Those amazing view mesmerizing 💕

To climb up it takes me about hour 45 mints.

After went up, now go down 😵

It really tiring, and it takes me about 45 mints. My leg shaking and cramps, the muscle so painful hard for me to walk really 0 energy.

After from tiger cave temple, we went to-night market in Krabi district.

Really!!!! The place is heaven of foods, ❤ foods so much, can’t stop eating while walking around the market.

The night market only open on Friday-Sunday.

Video Player


Tired, leg aching. Really having painful leg for 1 week. Maybe it because I seldom to do exercise 🙄😬

Okay now the 4th Day.

We checked out and moved to Krabi Town, because we wanted to buy things at the night market.

Nothing much to do in the 4th day we just walked around the krabi town, because on Sunday a lots of store are closed.

The food in krabi really nice, 👍 I love it so much.

5th Day fellas,

We heading back to our home, after having fun in Krabi.

Will update another stories of mine soon 😊

#holiday #vacation #trip #island 😘


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