first time blogging ??

hola Fellas,

This is my first time blogging, at first I was confused how to blog 🤔slowly learn how step by step and it works even (normal). I did asked some bloggers, but I never get any reply from any of them (so sad 😢)   I thought meaning “Sharing is Caring” still exist , but not really.

I just want to give some tips, I know nowadays most of the people have their own blogs (maybe there still people need some tips) Probably would be the short tips I ever give since I’m new in blog world.

Here’s the tips 👇:

  • You need to know what you really want to do and what will you do when you create your own blog.
  • You must think will you responsible for your own blog, not just leave it in half way.
  • Search online for how to create the blog (I suggest ) for beginners because its free.
  • Try to learn step by step how to create and check from other blogger website.
  • Dont ever ask from any bloggers about how to create blog (100% they will not reply or help you) NO!!
  • At the end Enjoy your blog ☺️🙌

I hope my short tips it’s helping 😁 So far, only this I can share. I will share my travel one day after i post this tips.

Apologize for my grammar, because I’m not really good on it and I still learning to be better.

Have a nice days ahead and stay blessed Fellas 🌟🙏


Shen 🙋‍♀️

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